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The Madness collab to end all Madness collabs.

Posted by MinusKryy - April 16th, 2018

Well, probably not.


I wanted to make a collab like this for a long time, but there wasnt a good opportunity for it yet. I think there won't be a better time to announce it soon.

You guys remember Madness Impact? It was cool right? How about we make something better than that. Main premise of this collab would have people continuing a already written story (and by story I mean lotsa killings). Movie itself will have a story too, but I don't want to share too much before it's all done and polished. But here are some facts:


Main protagonist of this collab will be a Ninja styled soldier using a katana as his main weapon.


Battling itself will mostly be melee based, but can still contain some firearms.

Now the protagonist in a middle of a night will infiltrate an abbandoned factory full of motorcycle gang stylised delinquents. But little does he know there is a basement door leading to his target. His goals are being kept secret till' the release. Sprites of them are being made by my boy @Thece.


Main rulez:

-640x360 stage (you will be given both vcam and style of your signature on it)


-Grim backgrounds signifying the night time and underground placement.

-Clips don't have to be really long, but I would highly appreciate something above 10 seconds.

-You can use custom weapon sprites, but keep them in a middle diameter of details.

-Owning a discord isn't a necessity, but would make work easier for everyone.

-If you have any addicional questions, don't be shy to ask.

If you want to join, either PM me on NGs or Discord with a test (if I know you don't bother sending a test). I gotta warn you all thought. I most likely won't accept you if you're lacking skills. After you've been accepted I'll give you an invite to orginising group and needed spritesheet.

Dedline is MD18, let's make a best entry of a year.

Cool tiems


Comments (15)

Sounds interesting

Sounds interesting, I can join?

I think you're not exacly the 'type' Im looking for

i guess i have time

You still do tho?

I'll see.. Maybe I'm interested.

Hurry up then, you're too slow

Great idea mate! I'm looking forward to it

lemme do it (or slap)

You're bad lmao

I want to do art for it

Wish granted...you have 2 more left

Im in man pm me

Join the discord

add me

You're slow


can i join


"The Madness collab to end all Madness collabs." Funny title... Good luck with this.

Sounds like quite a project! Wishing you and all participants the best of luck.

@ChubbyChub @kRyy nope, lol Im busier than I expected but if there would be a squeal to this Id join it for sure.

send sprites pls :3